Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC- Interview

October 7, 2016 Activities

The Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC is a professional soccer club that was started in April 2015 in Cape Coral.

Their focus is the Youth Academy that works on developing youth players to a professional level. They have a very well put together team of coaches that enjoy being able to teach kids skills in hopes of them reaching professional soccer levels. I recently interviewed technical director and youth academy coach Vincent De Weger. Read on to see what he has to say about about this great organization that is the Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC.
SWFLT: Tell me about the Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC, what do you guys do?
FGCDLFC: The Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions is a professional soccer club in Cape 
Coral. We have a Youth Academy, Men’s team and Woman’s team. In our club 
we provide world class soccer with our Dutch and American coaches. All 
our coaches are licensed by the USSF or UEFA.
SWFLT: How did this club get started?
FGCDLFC: Our club started by the idea that we want to have a club in Florida, 
because it’s close to Europe (only 8 hours flight) and the conditions in 
Florida are incredible.
SWFLT: Where do the Dutch Lions practice and/or play games?
FGCDLFC: We train at Jim Jeffers Park in Cape Coral. The coming months we 
hopefully have some great news about a new complex.
SWFLT: Why choose Cape Coral? And what do you like about our community?
FGCDLFC: We did research in Florida and we saw that the average age in Cape Coral 
in getting lower and lower and that the conditions to play soccer are 
phenomenal. We can play here all year around. Besides that the community 
is growning and big companies find their way to Cape Coral.
SWFLT: What are the programs offered by the Dutch Lions FC?
FGCDLFC: We have a Youth Academy for boys and girls from 5 years old until 17 
years old. We also have a men’s and women’s team for 17 years and up.
Besides that we have our FGCDLFC Trainingschool on Friday from 5.30-6.30 
at Jim Jeffers Park. We train everyone that’s joining there for an hour 
on the basic skills of soccer.
SWFLT: Are there any special events coming up that the club is involved?
FGCDLFC: We have a fundraising event coming up November 19th at Fathoms Restaurant 
& Bar. Also on  Saturday we have something going on at Jim Jeffers Park.
For more information on the Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC make sure to follow them on Facebook or check out their website!
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