Water You Waiting for!

August 11, 2017 Beaches

Let the sunshine hit your face and dig your toes in the sand, water you waiting for!

SWFL Beaches have become the place to vacation for many families from the North. Although last year the beaches were getting a lot of buzz- but not exactly for the right reasons! The topic of concern surrounding the wonderful beaches of SWFL was the water quality.

Well if there’s one thing you should know is that the water quality of our beaches are just fine! Last year the coloration of the water wasn’t the typical turquoise because of the heavy rain season that we experienced. This is simply explained by the releases of water from Lake Okeechobee which travel downstream to our area, therefore making our waters a bit darker. Nothing to worry about though! Within a few days of no rain the water color goes back to being the perfect shade of blue! (Instagram ready as I would say!)

So do not fear, our picturesque beaches are still here!

From Boca Grande Beach to Tigertail Beach and everything in between you are sure to find the perfect beach atmosphere for your family. Every beach town is different and offers a wide range of activities and amenities.

Our two most visited beaches are Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Captiva Island. Fort Myers Beach has a true busy beach town feel, it boasts many restaurants and bars. You can also parasail, rent jet ski’s and other beach essentials. There’s always something to do in Fort Myers Beach.

Sanibel Captiva Island has a more relaxed vibe. There are also many restaurants but it isn’t as busy as Fort Myers Beach. It’s definitely a place to relax and really take nature in, It’s packed with flora and fauna with beautiful houses hidden within steps from the beach! Learn more about all of SWFL beaches here!

So, don’t worry and come relax on our beautiful beaches! If you’re planning a trip here and want to see live footage of some our beaches you can visit this page and stay up to date on current beach conditions.

We don’t make Top Beaches Lists for nothing! Come see for yourself!




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