Great Fishing Year-Round in SWFL!

April 25, 2017 Activities

There are only few places where the weather is close to perfect most days to be able to fish, and we LIVE in one of these places! Sunny Southwest Florida offers great fishing year-round. So if you love to fish or be on the water, you’ve stumbled across the right post!

Our area is famous for three types fish, Tarpon, Snook and Redfish. Unlike other locations, fishing grounds in SWFL can be reached with in-shore boats. The areas around the passes harbor the schools of fish. Most Tarpon are caught within sight of land! As well as Snook and Redfish!

Southwest Florida’s most laugh after trophy fish, the Tarpon can be caught year-round but it’s peak months are known to be May and June. Same goes for Snook. As for the Redfish they tend to be easier to catch during the fall during cooler weather.

So if you’re in this area make sure to get out on the water, we are known to have the best fishing in the states! We have listed below some of our favorite fishing charters that will help make your fish dreams into reality, check them out and book your trip asap!

Capt. Tony’s Adventures

Snook One Charters

Fish Southwest Florida


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