Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts

September 21, 2017 Events

It’s been approximately 10 days since Irma yet we are still feeling the effects of the storm. Debris all over the roads and downed signs, some people still don’t have power! But the only good thing to come from a hurricane is that the community really rallies together during these hard times. Many organizations, federal and local, including churches and even individuals are all doing their part to help the people most affected by this natural disaster. 

The hardest hit areas, Everglades City, Immokalee, Bonita Springs and Naples, have experienced flooding and some people still don’t have power more than a week later. If you were not severely affected its good to be in touch with your community and visit and help out these areas. 

(Left to Right) Eric Graff, Stefanie Leon and Alejandra Bustamante from SWFL Distributing pack the truck to deliver food to Everglades City and Immokalee after Hurricane Irma.

Here at SWFL Distributing we have gone out to Everglades City and Immokalee to bring some warm meals and ice to hard working people getting their communities back to normal, who are truly in need. We encourage you to do the same and give back, the people affected really appreciate it!

If you’re willing to help, please visit the links below:

United Way- Hurricane Irma



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