Fun and adventure starts here

Discover the beautiful beaches along the state’s southernmost Gulf of Mexico shoreline. Starting around Port Charlotte in the north and tripping along a continuum of cities and beach towns all the way to the Everglades, Southwest Florida is a vacationing mecca for any tourist seeking sun, water sports, wild treasures, top notch golf, world-class shopping, fresh seafood, and some of the finest Florida hotels and resorts to be found.

In tourism circles, SW Florida is known for the best beaches in the world; they populate maps of Southwest Florida from one end to the other. Thanks to our tropical Florida weather, playing outdoors happens year-round on the beaches and beyond. Whether your idea of fun and adventure means a hole-in-one, pulling in a feisty 100-pound tarpon, or whizzing through the Everglades alligator wetlands, you will find the vacation that’s meant for you in SW Florida.